What Causes A Bad Hair Day?

We’ve all had a bad hair day. No amount of hair care products will tame the beast. So I wondered, what other than wind or rain, could cause a bad hair day?

  1. Diet- some studies show bad eating habits can cause hair to thin. Large amounts of sugar and vegetable oil can cause you to lose hair. Protein and iron are great for strengthen hair growth as they stimulate the hair follicles.
  2. Hormones – It is true that pregnancy gives us a glow. The extra amount of estrogen gives more shine to the hair.
  3. Birth control pills- can affect some women in a way that promos hair thinning.
  4. DNA- Some of us get bad hair from our grandmothers. If baldness runs in your family DNA is your problem

Ways to improve good hair health:

  1. Don’t pull your ponytails too tight.
  2. Use leave-in conditioners to protect from excessive sun
  3. Don’t over use the flat-iron or blow dyer
  4. Do your research because there are some great hair product that strengthen and add shine
  5. However, eating right and getting good amounts of exercise can help.

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