Anger Is Like Drinking Poison and Expecting the Other Person to Die

We all have moments when we lose control of our emotions and fly off the handle. And most times we feel bad afterwards.

So why, simply not drink the poison?

You are not in control of the action of others. Don’t claim bad thoughts by over thinking the deeds of someone else.

Talking things out may help but sometimes you just need to clear your mind and focus on positive things.

But when it’s an outsider like a cashier at your local market or a customer service person on the other end of the phone, it becomes just that much easier to strike out. Because this person is an un-known, this alone can sometimes feel like a check box to misbehave.

Example we have all been in a rush, awaiting our turn at the checkout only to find a new cashier, making new cashier mistakes and become irritated. It is in these moments that we must remember our first day on a job and the patience we needed at that time.

Don’t sip the poison, instead hand out love and understanding and you will be the better for it.

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