5 Tips For A Good Day

Most days we start out wanting one thing… happiness. We want our coffee hot, our donuts sweet, our kids out the door on time and the boss in a good mood. A Good Day!

You understand where I’m going with this. Your list maybe different, but the thing of it all, is that we want the day to bring more good than bad. More comfort, than upset. We want to have a Good Day.

So I’ve listed below a few tips that if followed will lessen the sorrow and add joy to your day.

  1. Find joy where you currently are. Don’t worry so much about others, focus on what’s good in your life right now.
  2. Keep reaching for your goal. Stay on course, when you began to lose focus, remember what you’re working for.
  3. Be Yourself. Don’t be a poor copy of someone else, you are always enough.
  4. Be passionate. Keep your eye on the prize.
  5. Say sorry when you are wrong. Do right, because it right.


Part of having a good day is knowing that life is not perfect. Everything will not always go as planned. But as long as you know that you can adjust your prospective and see the joy in each moment.

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